TRIANGLE Biomedical Sciences TBS


Digital Microtome Cryostat

SHUR / WaveTM Laboratory Microwave

CUT TM Microtomes
  • CUT4055 Rotary Microtome
  • CUT4060 Retracting Microtome
  • CUT4060RE Electronic Microtome
Glass Coverslipping Technology

Paraffin Dispenser

Tissue Embedding Center

Innovative Slide and Cassette Labeling Technology

Slide Storage

Cassette Storage

35mm Slide Storage

Slide Dryer ll

Flotation Work Station

Environmental Waste Management Solutions

Biopsy Paper TM Filters

Tissue Freezing Medium TFM TM

Tissue Marketing Dyes TMD TM

SHUR / Sharp TM Regular, Heavy Duty, High Profile & Low Profile Coated Blades

Cryostat Adapters TM

Anti-Roll Device

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